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Faculty of Humanities
Conductors of the Cape Town Municipal Orchestra, 1914–
1965: a historical perspective
Supervised by Professor J. May
A.M. Bangeni (Education)
Negotiating writing: a case study of the transition of
English second-language Social Science graduates to
postgraduate professional disciplines
Supervised by Associate Professor R. Kapp
K. Barker (Film and Media Studies)
Sex, soap and social change: an examination of the
elements underlying the successful application of
Supervised by Dr T. Bosch
A.-J. Bethke (Music)
Contemporary musical expression in Anglican churches
of the Diocese of Cape Town: Developments since
the liturgical, theological and social revolutions of the
twentieth century
Supervised by Dr M. Bezuidenhout
J.M. Borel-Saladin (Sociology)
Testing the social polarization hypothesis in Johannesburg,
South Africa
Supervised by Professor O. Crankshaw
E.K. Botha (Education)
Discourses of language acquisition and identity in the life
histories of four white South African men fluent in IsiXhosa
Supervised by Dr C. McKinney
A.A. Crowe (Education)
Standards of South African Senior Certificate biology
examinations: 1994–2006
Supervised by Associate Professor R. Laugksch and
Professor T. Dunne
J.F. De Sousa Junior (Sociology)
Networks, [mis]trust, and Pentecostal conversion: Narratives
of divergent pathways among small black entrepreneurs in
Supervised by Professor J.G.B. Maree
S.F. Dewing (Psychology)
Evaluating the implementation of options for health in the
Western Cape: an intervention aimed at increasing ARV
adherence and reducing sexual risk among people on
ARVs in Cape Town, South Africa
Supervised by Professor J. Louw and Dr C. Mathews (Public
Health and Family: Medical Research Council)
M.J. Evans (Film and Media)
Transmitting the transition: media events and post-
apartheid South African national identity
Supervised by Associate Professor I.E. Glenn
M.J. Fleishman (Drama)
Remembering in the Postcolony: refiguring the past
with theatre
Supervised by Professor N. Worden