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T.-L. Grant (Education)
Scenario pedagogy: a negotiated, multimodal approach
to developing professional communication practices in
Higher Education
Supervised by Dr A. Archer
P. Grassow (Religious Studies)
“Settlers, Missionaries and Converts”: a theological case
study of the missionary activity of William Shaw in the
Eastern Cape
Supervised by Emeritus Professor J. Cochrane
E.T. Gxubane (Social Development)
Exploration of residential diversion within a restorative
justice framework in the management of young sex
offenders in South Africa
Supervised by Associate Professor D. Cooper and
Dr R. Graser (retired)
A. Hunma (Education)
The exploration of a performative space to nurture EAL
international students’ writer identities at a South African
Supervised by Dr L. Thesen
M.V. Macabela (LanguageS and LiteratureS)
Country and city: a study of autobiographical tropes in
Ncumisa Vapi’s novel
Litshona Liphume
Supervised by Adjunct Professor T. Dowling
R. Macdonald (English Language and
Reading restitution in District Six: law, discourse and
Supervised by Professor J. Higgins
L.M.D. Magalhães (Music)
An annotated catalogue of works for piano duet:
a supplement to Cameron McGraw’s Piano Duet
Supervised by Professor H. Hofmeyr
A. Marneweck (Drama)
Plot 99: towards a feminine semiotic: spiritual and sexual
emergence(y) in women’s puppetry and visual performance
Supervised by Associate Professor J. Pather and Associate
Professor J. Bennett
W.F.T. Minnaar (LanguageS and LiteratureS)
‘n Herwaardering van Olga Kirsch se oeuvre: identiteit,
moederskap en ballingskap aan die hand van die
psigoanalitiese teorieë van onder andere Sigmund Freud,
Jacques Lacan en Julia Kristeva
Supervised by Professor J. Hambidge
N.N. Mkhize (Sociology)
Private game farms and the tenure security of farm workers
and dwellers in Cradock – implications for tenure reform in
South Africa
Supervised by Professor L. Ntsebeza
M.L. Molefe (Education)
A study of life sciences projects in science talent quest
competitions in the Western Cape, South Africa, with
special reference to scientific skills and knowledge
Supervised by Associate Professor R. Laugksch
K.L. Morreira (English Language and Literature)
Social change, class formation and English: a study of young
black South Africans with “Model C” school backgrounds
Supervised by Professor R. Mesthrie