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Mr Theo Herbst
Theoretical research: Music Technology; Signal processing
methods applied in musical analysis; Applied research:
Musical Composition; Technology-based solutions for
creative challenges
Mr Darryl Andrews
Jazz Guitar Performance, Composition/Arrangement,
Ensemble and Theory. Jazz: theory arrangement;
Mr William Haubrich
Brass studies
Mr Michael Nixon
Ethnomusicology theory; music in popular culture; music of
sub-Saharan Africa; music and society in South Asia; music
and society in southern Africa
Mr Jason Reolon
Jazz piano; performance; composition; recording
Ms Becky Steltzner
Woodwinds, and particularly clarinets, in South African
history and South African collections; copyright vs.
public domain in sheet music and developing syllabi for
disadvantaged communities; repertoire development in
the woodwind and chamber music fields
Mr Dizu Plaatjies
African music performance (specialised in the performance
of indigenous music of the Eastern and Western Cape)
Mr Patrick Tikolo
Vocal studies
Ms Amanda Tiffin
Jazz Vocals, Performance, Composition, Arrangement,
especially contemporary and jazz vocal arranging
Mr James Grace
Classical guitar performance; chamber music
Research output
Authored books
Sandmeier, R. 2012. Geistliche Vokalpolyphonie
und Frühhmanismus in England: Kulturtransfer im 15.
Jahrhundert am Beispiel des Komponisten John Dunstable.
Germany: V&R Unipress. 311pp. ISBN 9783899719468.
Articles in Peer-reviewed Journals
Herbst, A.C. 2012. Editorial: Audio data compression and
its implications for musicology. Journal of the musical arts
in Africa, 9(1): viii – xii.
Peer-reviewed published conference
Sandmeier, R. 2012. Instrumentale cantus firmus-
Kompositionen und die Kirchenmusik in England. In A.
Ammendola, D. Glowotz and J. Heidrich (eds), Proceedings
of Polyphone Messen im 15. und 16. Jahrhundert: Funktion,
Kontext, Symbol, 11-14 October 2010, Munster, Germany.
Göttingen: V & R Unipress. ISBN 978-3- 89971-822-5.
Creative works
Campbell, M.I. 2012. God Bless the Child [Hertzog].
Commissioned by: Africa Centre for HIV/AIDS Research.
Symphony Orchestra, soloist & chorus. 3.5 min.
Campbell, M.I. 2012. Ngingedwa [Zamajobe].
Commissioned by: TM Productions. Soloist, rhythm &
strings. 3 min.
Campbell,M.I. 2012.Walk onBy [Bacharach]. Commissioned
by: My Design Inc. Jazz Big Band & Soloist. 3 min.
Hofmeyr, H.P. 2012. Bont konsertina laans die watervoor.
Requested by Menlopark High School Choir. Mixed choir,
piano. 2 min.
Hofmeyr, H.P. 2012. Concerto for Flute, Harp and Strings
[Version with string quintet]. Requested by Liesl Stoltz
and Jacqueline Kerrod. Flute, harp, 2 violins, viola, cello,
double bass. 17 min.
Hofmeyr, H.P. 2012. Of Darkness and the Heart. Soprano,
orchestra. 13min.
Hofmeyr, H.P. 2012. Variazioni sopra una ninnananna africana.
Requested by Heleen du Plessis. Cello, marimba. 5 min.
Hofmeyr, H.P. 2012. Wynverse [Wine Songs]. Requested by
Serafini Brillanti. High voice, trumpet, piano. 5 min.
Tiffin, A. 2012. Afri-Dite. Commissioned by Lindie Lila.
5-part vocal ensemble; programmed backing; cello. 3.44.
Tiffin, A. 2012. Baby its Cold Outside (Loesser).
Commissioned by: Faculty of Health Sciences Centenary.
Vocal duet, jazz rhythm section, saxophone. 5 min.
Tiffin, A. 2012. Birdsong (Hendricks, M). Commissioned by:
Faculty Of Health Sciences Centenary. Vocal solo, flute,
piano. 5 min.
Tiffin, A. 2012. Blessings. Commissioned by Lindie Lila.
6-part vocal ensemble, a cappella. 3.15.