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Professor Robert Cameron
Senior Lecturer: Comparative local government politics &
administration; public sector reform; public administration
Mr Zwelethu Jolobe
Lecturer: Comparative politics; international relations;
Africanpolitics; political violence; revolutions; contemporary
South African politics; democratisation
Professor Robert Mattes
Senior lecturer: Democratisation; political behaviour;
public opinion; survey research; research methodology;
comparative politics
Dr Vinothan Naidoo
Senior Lecturer: Public administration, with a special interest
in comparative public administration and development
Associate Professor Andrew Nash
Senior Lecturer: South African political thought; the history
of political thought in the West; the making of a global
political vocabulary
Ms Lauren Paremoer
HIV/AIDS Treatment Politics; Social citizenship; Welfare
regimes in the Global South; Theories of Rights and
Justice; Discourse Analysis.
Dr Thiven Reddy
Senior Lecturer: Comparative politics; South African
politics; regime transition and democratisation; political
party systems and political parties; post-colonial theory
and identity politics
Dr Karen Smith
Senior Lecturer: International Relations theory; the
developing world (Africa in particular) as an object of IR
study and an agent of IR knowledge; South Africa and India
as regional powers in the global South
Ms Raenette Taljaard
Senior Lecturer: Public Policy
Professor Annette Seegers
Head of Department: Conflict; security; civil military
relations in Southern Africa; security among Southern
African states; the role of armed forces in democratization.
Dr Harry Stephan
Senior Lecturer: International relations; international
political economy; comparative governance; international
law and organisation.
Emeritus Professors
Emeritus Professor Robert Schrire
International political economy; globalisation; South
African politics
Emeritus Professor André du Toit
Intellectual history of South African political
thought & traditions; political ethics, ideologies &
discourse; philosophical reflections on the Truth and
Reconciliation Commission; narrative interpretation of
political violence in South Africa
Guest Lecturers
Ms Laura Freeman
Lecturer: International relations; conflict; humanitarian aid;
international political economy; political philosophy
Mr Markus Korhonen
Lecturer: Developmental states; democracy and
democratisation; politics and development in Botswana.
Contact Details
Postal Address: Department of Political Studies, University
of Cape Town, Private Bag X3, Rondebosch, 7701
Physical Address: Department of Political Studies, University
of Cape Town, Room 5.33, Leslie Social Science Building,
University Avenue, Rondebosch 7700
Telephone: +27 21 650 3381
Fax: +27 21 650 3799
Research output
Authored books
Butler, A.M. 2012. The Idea of the ANC. Auckland Park,
South Africa: Jacana Media. 134pp. ISBN 978-1-4314-0578-7.
Taljaard, R. 2012. Up in Arms: Pursuing Accountability for
the arms deal in parliament. Auckland Park, South Africa:
Jacana Media (Pty) Ltd. 289pp. ISBN 978-1-4314-0269-4.
Edited books
Stephan, H.J. and Power, M. (eds) 2012. The Scramble
for Africa in the 21st Century: From the Old World to the
New. 456pp. Cape Town, Renaissance Press. ISBN 978-0-