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Faculty of Humanities
Chapters in books
Akokpari, J. 2012. Limited capabalities, great expectations:
the African Union and regional conflict management. In
S. Wolf and C. Yakinthou (eds), Conflict Management in
Divided Societies, pp. 151-166. Great Britian: Taylor &
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in South Africa. In C. Grace (ed.), Civil Service Reform:
Experiences of the United Kingdom, India, South Africa
and Nepal, pp. 37-52. Canada: Forum of Federations: The
Global Network of Federalism and Multi Level Governance.
ISBN 978-0-9877517-2-0.
Jolobe, Z.B. 2012. A party for all the people? The DA
and the 2011 local elections. In S. Booysen (ed.), Local
Elections in South Africa: Parties, People, Politics, pp.
133-150. Bloemfontein, South Africa: Sun Press. ISBN 978-
Mattes, R.B. 2012. Opinion polls and the media in South
Africa. In C. Holtz-Bacha and J. Stromback (eds), Opinion
Polls and the Media. Reflecting and Shaping Public
Opinion, pp. 175-197. New York, USA: Palgrave Macmillan.
ISBN 978-0-230-27889-9.
Mattes, R.B. and Glenn, I.E. 2012. Political communication
in post-apartheid South Africa. In H.A. Semetko and
M. Scammell (eds), The SAGE Handbook of Political
Communication, pp. 494-508. London: SAGE Publications.
ISBN 978-1-84787-439-9.
Nash, A.J. 2012. Post-apartheid accountability: the
transformation of a political idea. In D.M. Chirwa and L.
Nijzink (eds), Accountable Government in Africa, pp. 13-25.
Cape Town, South Africa: UCT Press. ISBN 978-1-91989-537-6.
Schreiner, W. and Mattes, R.B. 2012. The possibilities of
election campaigns as sites for political advocacy: South
Africa in comparative perspective. In H.A. Tuynsma (ed.),
Public Opinion and Interest Group Politics – South Africa’s
Missing Link? pp.154-172. Pretoria, South Africa: Africa
Institute of South Africa. ISBN 978-0-7983-0292-0.
Smith, K. 2012. Africa as an agent of international relations
knowledge. In S. Cornelissen, F. Cheru and T.M. Shaw (eds),
Africa and International Relations in the 21st Century, pp.
21-35 London/New York: Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 978-0-
Smith, K. 2012. Contrived boundaries, kinship and ubuntu. A
(South) African viewof “the international”. In A.B. Tickner and
D.L Blaney (eds), Thinking International Relations Differently,
pp. 301-321. London, United Kingdom: Routledge, Taylor
and Francis Group. ISBN 978-0-415-78130-5.
Smith, K. 2012. Soft power: the essence of South Africa’s
foreign policy. In C. Landsberg and J.A. van Wyk (eds),
South African Foreign Policy Review, pp. 68-83. Pretoria,
South Africa: Africa Institute of South Africa. ISBN 978-0-
Encyclopaedia entries
Butler, A. 2012. Cyril Ramaphosa. In H.L. Gates and
E.K. Akyeampong (eds), Dictionary of African Biography.
Oxford: Oxford University Press. ISBN 13-9780195382075.
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S. Jacobs (eds), In Encyclopedia of South Africa, pp. 82-87.
Colorado: Lynn Riemer Publishers Inc. ISBN 978-1-58826-749-8.
Articles in Peer-reviewed Journals
Akokpari, J. 2012. The political economy of Chinese capital
in sub-Saharan Africa: implications for governance. Global
Development Studies, 6(3-4): 49-75.
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measurement of democratic quality: public attitude data
and the evaluation of African political regimes. European
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generational change in post-apartheid South Africa.
Australian Journal of Political Science, 47(1): 133-153.
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roles of higher education in the democratization of politics
in Africa: survey reports from HERANA. Journal of Higher
Education in Africa, 10(1): 139-170.
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government reform in South Africa. Politeia, 31(2): 49-69.
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African Journal of Economic and Social Policy, 45(1): 74-75.
Reddy, T. 2012. The ‘Cabbage and the Goat’: xenophobic
violence in South Africa. African Historical Review, 44(1): 3-28.
Smith, K. 2012. India’s identity and its global aspirations.
Global Society, 26(3): 369-385.
Walker, R. and Seegers, A. 2012. Securitisation: the case
of post-9/11 United States Africa policy. Scientia Militaria:
South African Journal of Military Studies, 40(2): 22-45.