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Faculty of Humanities
expansion and development of Islamic feminist theory
and methodology. Papers from the conference will be
published in a special journal issue.
The Department of Religious Studies hosted an
international conference in October, 2012, on
Biographies of Religious Engagement: Islamic Activism
in Psychological Perspective
. Given the widespread
significance and interest in Islamic activism in public
life, this conference put the focus on activists and their
biographical trajectories over two or three decades.
Papers from this conference will be published in a
special journal issue.
Visits by scholars from elsewhere:
Professor Gordon Mitchell of Hamburg University joined us
as A. W. Mellon Visiting Fellow in the second half of 2012.
He presented a series of undergraduate lectures and post-
graduate seminars on inter-cultural education through art.
He also addressed Western Cape teachers on teaching
religion at a workshop on 15
September, 2012.
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