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Department of Social
Research Report 2012
Head of Department: Associate Professor
Viviene Taylor
Departmental Profile
The Department of Social Development provides
undergraduate social work education and training
commensurate with the professional standards laid
down by the South African Council for Social Service
Professions. It also offers postgraduate specialist taught
programmes in Social Development, Social Policy &
Management, Probation & Corrections and Clinical Social
Work. Postgraduate programmes by research are offered
in Social Planning & Administration, Social Work and
Social Development. As befits professional education, the
Department maintains relationships with a wide variety of
community-based organisations where students undergo
professional practice based learning.
The Department places great importance on research.
Current research interests of the Department include social
policy and social protection systems, the social development
of emergent communities, clinical intervention strategies,
restorative justice, research on gender inequalities and
social transformation, human development and capabilities
as pathways out of poverty & social exclusion, social work
in prisons, child & youth care, social administration and
planning, and HIV/AIDS care strategies.
The Department is also involved in a number of extension
services at both national and international levels.
The Department collaborates with the Western Cape
Provincial Government by providing the specialist social
work honours courses in the treatment of substance
abuse disorders. International research and comparative
work is encouraged. At present staff in the Department
are involved in international research collaboration
in the fields of comparative social policy in Africa,
conflict resolution and community development, financial
management of the third sector and mapping social
protection systems in Africa.