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Professor R.C. Williams
Revenue Law; Company Law
Associate Professors
Associate Professor G. Bradfield
Shipping Law, International Trade
Associate Professor D. Collier
Labour Law; Electronic Law; Intellectual Property Law
Associate Professor T.S. Emslie SC
Revenue Law
Associate Professor T. Mongalo
(On extended
Company Law
Emeritus Associate Professor
Emeritus Associate Professor J. Hofman
Honorary Research Associate
Dr T. Kruger
International Trade Law
Adjunct Professors
Ms A. Bosman
Mr N. Jeram
Dr T. Madima
Mr W. Scholtz
Mr E. Swanepoel
Prof C.R. Thompson
Senior Lecturers
Dr W. Amien
Business Law, Muslim Law
Ms T.L. Gutuza
Revenue Law; Capital Transfer and International Tax Law
Dr A. Hutchison
Business Law
Ms K. Idensohn
Company Law
Ms K. Lehmann
Business Law; Global Economic Law; International
Economic Law
Dr C. Ncube
Business Law; Company Law; Intellectual Property Law
Ms L.-A. Tong
Intellectual Property Law
Dr T. Wiese
Company Law
Ms J. Yeats
Business Law; Company Law
Mr C. Chokuda
Business Law; Company Law
Ms J. Franco
Business Law
Mr M. Nkomo
Business Law; Intellectual Property Law
Ms H. Stoop
Business Law; Company Law
Ms A.L. Titus
Business Law; Revenue Law
Mr C. Elissac
Administrative Officer
LLB and Postgraduate Courses
Mr M. Mbebe
Administrative Assistant
All Commerce Courses
Ms F. Khan
Administrative Assistant
Labour and Development Law
Contact details
Postal address: Department of Commercial Law
Faculty of Law
Private Bag, Rondebosch, 7701
Telephone: + 27 21 650 3068 / 65
Fax: +27 21 650 5631
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