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Doctoral dissertations
Davies, K. 2012. Metal-organic frameworks and their uses
as gas sorption devices. 214pp. Supervised by Bourne, S.A.
Dhansay, K. 2012. Isolation and identificationof antimicrobial
compounds from South African medicinal plants. 166pp.
Supervised by Smith, P.J. and Chibale, K.
Gamieldien, M.R. 2012. Parameterization of the Gay-
Berne coarse-grain potential from atomistically detailed
anisotropic free energy volumes. 178pp. Supervised by
Naidoo, K.J.
Jayakody, R.S. 2012. In silico investigation of the mechanism
of ricin-catalysed depurination reaction and design of
novel ricin inhibitors. 210pp. Supervised by Naidoo, K.J.
Kambafwile, H.K. 2012. Synthesis of activity-based protein
profiling probes for malaria and hypertension disease
models and potential novel ACE inhibitors with an
attenuated zinc binding group. 223pp. Supervised by
Chibale, K. and Sturrock, E.
Makhubela, B.C.E. 2012. The design, synthesis and
characterisation of polynuclear materials for applications in
catalysis. 135pp. Supervised by Smith, G.S. and Jardine, A.
Malatji, P. 2012. Studies towards degradable polymers:
new zinc(II) and palladium(II) complexes as catalysts for
lactide polymerization and carbon monoxide/styrene