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R. Gaujoux (Molecular and Cell Biology)
Non-negative matrix factorization: tools and application to
gene expression deconvolution
Supervised by Professor C. Seoighe and Professor
N. Mulder
D.M. Harebottle (Zoology)
Assessing the conservation value of wetlands andwaterbirds
with a focus on the winter rainfall region of South Africa
Supervised by Emeritus Professor L. Underhill and
Dr T. Williams (Cape Nature)
N.C.G. Hart (Oceanography)
Synoptic-scale rainfall patterns over Southern Africa: scale
interactions with large-scale modes of variability
Supervised by Professor C. Reason and Dr N. Fauchereau
S. Hofmeyr (Zoology)
Impacts of environmental change on large terrestrial bird
species in South Africa: insights from citizen science data
Supervised by Emeritus Professor L. Underhill and
Dr P. Barnard (South African National Biodiversity Institute)
S.M. Huddy (Molecular and Cell Biology)
Development of a transformation protocol and cell culture
system for the commercially important species of red
macroalga Gracilaria gracilis
Supervised by Associate Professor V. Coyne
V.O. Ikoro (Physics)
A study of postgraduate students in an Astrophysics
bridging year: identifying contradictions in a complex
Supervised by Associate Professor S. Allie and Professor D.
Demaree (Physics, Oregon State University, USA)
R. Jayakody (Chemistry)
In silico investigation of the mechanism of ricin-catalysed
depurination reaction and design of ricin inhibitors
Supervised by Professor K.J. Naidoo
G.S. Joseph (Zoology)
Understanding pattern-process relationships in a
heterogeneous landscape: effects of large termitaria on
diversity and disturbance regimes in Miombo woodlands
of northern Zimbabwe
Supervised by Professor G. Cumming and Honorary
Professor D.H.M. Cumming
H. Kambafwile (Chemistry)
Synthesis of activity-based protein profiling probes for
malaria and hypertension disease models and potential
novel ACE Inhibitors with an attenuated zinc binding
Supervised by Professor K. Chibale
M.J. Kotze (Zoology)
Olfactory responses of Dasineura dielsi Rübsaamen
(Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) females to host plant volatiles
Supervised by Professor A. Chinsamy-Turan and
Dr A. Jürgens (University of KwaZulu-Natal)
M.M. Kotze (Astronomy)
Exploring the super-orbital periodic behaviour of X-ray
Supervised by Professor P. Charles and Professor B. Warner
L. Lange (Zoology)
Use of demersal bycatch data to determine the distribution
of soft-bottom assemblages off the West and South Coasts
of South Africa
Supervised by Professor C. Griffiths
M.D. Mabula (Mathematics and Applied
Compactness in asymmetrically normed lattices
Supervised by Dr J. Conradie and Professor H.-P. Künzi
B. Makhubela (Chemistry)
The design, synthesis and characterization of polynuclear
materials for applications in catalysis
Supervised by Dr G.S. Smith
P. Malatji (Chemistry)
Studies towards degradable polymers: new zinc(II) and
palladium(II)complexesascatalystsfor lactidepolymerization
and carbon monoxide/styrene copolymerization
Supervised by Associate Professor A.T. Hutton and
Professor N.J. Coville (University of the Witwatersrand)
S.M. Marr (Zoology)
Conservation of the native freshwater fishes of the Cape
floristic region (South Africa): management of non-native
Supervised by Associate Professor J. Day
E.M. Masinde (Computer Science)
ITIKI: bridge between African indigenous knowledge and
modern science on drought prediction
Supervised by Dr A. Bagula and Professor N. Muthama
(University of Nairobi)
M. Masubelele (Botany)
Understanding the past to conserve the future: long-
term environmental and vegetation change in the Karoo
Midlands, South Africa, over the 20th century
Supervised by Professor T. Hoffman and Professor W. Bond
A.L. Monjane (Molecular and Cell Biology)
Analysis of recombination and evolution of maize streak virus
Supervised by Professor E. Rybicki, Dr D. Martin,
Dr D. Shepherd and Dr A. Varsani