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Faculty of Science
H.B.H. Mohamed (Mathematics and Applied
Properties of solutions of the equations for generalized
Oldroyd-B fluids
Supervised by Professor B.D. Reddy
C. Moodley (Molecular and Cell Biology)
Molecular characterization of ABC-type multidrug efflux
systems in Bifidobacterium
longum subsp.longumT JCM 1217
Supervised by Associate Professor V. Abratt
J.M.W. Mwicigi (Zoology)
The distribution, formation, origins and constituents of
nepheloid layers on the Agulhas bank, South Africa, and
their implications for Chokka (Loligo Reynaudi) Squid
Supervised by Associate Professor M. Lucas and Dr M.J.
Roberts (Oceans and Coasts, Environmental Affairs: DEA)
R.K. Naidoo (Molecular and Cell Biology)
Investigation of the Gracilaria gracilis proteome response
to nitrogen limitation
Supervised by Associate Professor V.E. Coyne
M. Ndlovu (Zoology)
Environmental influences on moult and movement
strategies in Southern African waterfowl
Supervised by Professor G. Cumming and Professor P.A.R.
F.P.J. Nehama (Oceanography)
Modelling the Zambezi river plume using the regional
oceanic modelling system
Supervised by Professor C. Reason
S.A. Nicholson (Molecular and Cell Biology)
The molecular characterisation of the recA locus in the
opportunistic pathogen Bacteroides fragilis
Supervised by Associate Professor V. Abratt
P.M. Njogu (Chemistry)
Molecular hybrids of N-benzoyl-(2R, 3S)-3-phenylisoserine
with antimalarial scaffolds: design, synthesis and biological
evaluation for antitumoural and antiplasmodial activity
Supervised by Professor K. Chibale, Associate Professor D.T.
Hendricks and Dr A. Jardine
S. Nsumiwa (Chemistry)
Synthesis and investigation of quinolone based b-haematin
formation inhibitors as potential antimalarials
Supervised by Professor T.J. Egan
S.S. Ntshangase (Physics)
Development of a recoil detector and the study of exotic
asymmetric shapes in nuclei
Supervised by Dr R.A. Bark (external) and Dr R. Bark (Nuclear
Physics, iThemba LABS)
P.M. Okouma (Mathematics and Applied
Aspects of dark energy and cosmic curvature
Supervised by Professor B. Bassett
O. Olela Otafudu (Mathematics and Applied
Convexity in quasi-metric spaces
Supervised by Professor H.-P. Kunzi
P. Pillay (Chemistry)
Antiplasmodial neolignans from Trema orientalis:
identification, synthesis and analogue generation
Supervised by Professor K. Chibale and Dr V. Maharaj
A. Potts (Botany)
Tracking thicket through space and time: insights into
the evolutionary history of the Albany Subtropical
Thicket from comparative phylogeography and
distribution modelling
Supervised by Professor T.A. Hedderson and Professor
R. Cowling (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)
C. Powell (Physics)
production in heavy ion collisions at the STAR
detector at RHIC
Supervised by Professor A. Peshier, Emeritus Professor
J. Cleymans and Dr G. Odyniec (Lawrence Berkeley
National Laboratory, USA)
R. Rademeyer (Mathematics and Applied
The evolution of management procedures for the South
African hake resource in the 2000s
Supervised by Professor D. Butterworth and
Dr É. Plagányi (CSIRO, Australia)
R. Ramsout (Chemistry)
Investigation of the in vitro and in vivo effects of some
herbal preparations on risk factors for calcium oxalate
kidney stone disease
Supervised by Professor A.L. Rodgers
N. Razak (Geological Sciences)
An investigation into the effectiveness of a controlled
source electromagnetic survey in locating petroleum
resources offshore Equatorial Guinea
Supervised by Mr G.C. Smith
A.F. Reddy (Molecular and Cell Biology)
Characterisation of the effect of stress on nitrogen
metabolism in the commercially important agarophyte
Gracilaria gracilis
Supervised by Associate Professor V.E. Coyne