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Rob Little
Manager, Centre of Excellence, Percy Fitzpatrick Institute
of African Ornithology
Behavioural ecology, population genetics, management
and utilization of gamebirds
Mr David Nkosi
PFIAO Research Assistant
Ms Kate Meares
PFIAO Ground-Hornbill project manager
Emeritus Professors
Emeritus Professor George Branch
Rocky-shore ecology; estuarine and lagoonal ecology;
invertebrate fisheries management; fisheries policy;
subsistence fisheries; impacts of diamond-mining; coastal
Emeritus Professor Gerd Gäde
Invertebrates; isolation and characterization of
neuropeptides; intermediary metabolism; anaerobic
metabolism; insect flight and its control by hormones;
mode of action of invertebrate neuropeptide hormones;
phylogeny; confirmation of expression of genome
predicted neuropeptides by mass spectrometric methods;
spectrometricmethods; cloning of neuropeptide precursors
and their cognate receptors
Emeritus Professor John Field
Director Marine Research Institute
Emeritus Professor W R Siegfried
Former Director of the Percy FitzPatrick Institute
Emeritus Associate Professor Bryan Davies
River ecology; ecosystem processes; ecological effects of
dams and rivers; wetland ecology
Emeritus Associate Professor Jenny Day
Director of the Freshwater Research Unit; freshwater ecology;
bioasessment; crustaceans; wetlands, particularly temporary
and saline waters; conservation and management of inland
water ecosystems; water chemistry and water quality
Emeritus Associate Professor Jennifer Jarvis
Small and subterranean mammal ecophysiology and
Honorary Professors
Professor David Cummings
Influence of land use policy and practice on biodiversity
and resilience in social-ecological systems
Professor Larry Hutchings
Marine fisheries
Professor R J M Crawford
Animal Demography Unit
Honorary research associates
Dr Res Altwegg
Statistical ecology
Dr Lara Atkinson
Dr Paul Barham
Penguin survival
Dr R Barlow
Dr Barry Clark
Dr Rob Crawford
Ecosystem approach to fisheries (as it relates to seabirds)
and the conservation and suitable utilization of South
Africa’s seabirds
Dr A Cockroft
Dr Marienne de Villiers
SARCA Project Manager. Diversity and distribution of
reptiles in South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland.
Dr Deon Durholtz
Fish ageing, squid ageing, fisheries management
Dr D Y Ghebrehwet
Dr David Grémillet
Visiting Research Associate. Functional ecology of marine
birds. Ecophysiology of marine birds facing global change;
functional and evolutionary ecology; avian energetic;
biotelemetry; impact of marine fisheries; polar ecosystems;
Benguela upwelling ecosystem.
Dr H J Hawkins
Dr Jenny Huggett
Dr Alan Kemp
Natural history, behavioral ecology and systematics of
birds, especially hornbills, and diurnal and nocturnal raptors