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Health Sciences
Professor Malcolm Collins
RUESSM: Chief Specialist Scientist, MRC; Biochemistry;
Molecular biology; Genetics – applied to performance and
Professor Wayne Derman
RUESSM:Sport and Exercise Medicine, Skeletal muscle
dysfunction in chronic disease; exercise training in chronic
Professor Tania Douglas
Director of the MRC/UCT Medical Imaging Research Unit
(MIRU); biomedical engineering, image processing
Professor Sue Kidson
Developmental biology; melanocytes and hypopigmentary
disorders; eye development and glaucoma
Professor Mike Lambert
RUESSM: Exercise training and recovery; Science applied
to rugby, Co-ordinator of the Ex Sci Hons Course
Professor Estelle V. Lambert
RUESSM: Physical activity epidemiology and chronic
diseases of lifestyle; obesity and chronic disease
Professor Graham J. Louw
Human growth; medical education; skeletal analysis
Professor Alan G. Morris
Human evolution; forensic anthropology, skeletal biology
of early peoples in southern Africa; history of physical
Professor Timothy D. Noakes
Discovery Health Chair of Exercise and Sports Science and
Director of UCT/MRC Research and Exercise Medicine
Research Unit
RUESSM: Regulation of exercise performance; sport and
exercise medicine
Professor Vivienne Russell
Neurophysiology: Development, stress, exercise
and vulnerability to neuronal injury; Attention deficit
hyperactivity disorder; Depression
Professor Martin P. Schwellnus
RUESSM: Sport and Exercise Medicine, Co-ordinator of the
MPhil Sport and Exercise Medicine programme
Associate Professor Andrew Bosch
RUESSM: Fuel substrate metabolism, exercise training
Associate Professor Dirk M. Lang
Nervous system development and degeneration; axon
growth and regeneration. Head of the Confocal and Light
Microscope Imaging Facility at UCT
Associate Professor Ernesta Meintjes
MIRU: NRF chair; magnetic resonance imaging
Associate Professor Edward Ojuka
RUESM: glucose disposal in muscle
Associate Professor Sharon Prince
The cell and molecular biology of cancer and the
identification of novel targets for anti-cancer drugs, with
special focus on the T-box transcription factors Tbx2 and
Associate Professor Marjanne Senekal
Head: Division of Human Nutrition, Weight management
and health interventions, dietary assessment, nutritional
Dr Colin Andrew
MIRU: Senior Lecturer (part-time); Biomedical signal
Ms Elmi Badenhorst
Lecturer; medical education, underpreparedness and
academic performance
Ms Sharmilah Booley
Lecturer; Division of Human Nutrition; Nutrition, HIV/AIDS
and quality of life; nutrition related behaviour change
interventions for prevention and management of chronic
diseases of lifestyle (school and work-place based)
Dr Kishor Bugarith
Senior Lecturer; physiology, neurobiology of stress,
neurobiology of food intake
Ms Dinah Curling
Lecturer (part-time) Division of Human Nutrition
Dr Lester M. Davids
Senior Lecturer; redox and antioxidant biology; skin cancer,
pigmentary disorders of the skin, vitiligo, hair follicle
Ms Zarina Ebrahim
Clinical Educator (part-time); Division of Human Nutrition
Dr Jacqui Friedling
Lecturer; skeletal biology; physical anthropology, forensic